Now You Can “Quilt Your Heart Out”

This website is devoted to beginner quilters – and not so beginner quilters.

Thanks so much for stopping here!  So many of my quilting friends have told me that without help, quilting for beginners can be quite overwhelming!  Some ladies (yes, it’s usually us girls who are quilters) give up before they’ve even finished their first piece. I’ve created this site so that won’t happen to you, I want quilting to bring as much joy, creativity and pleasure to you as it’s given me over the years.

As you cruise around my site, you will find that I have some Free gifts for you to help you get started.

Eileen Thomas’ Quilting Poster

I would love to share a great tool that I have created. I call it my Quilting Poster. This poster is an awesome tool to keep by your sewing machine AND your fabric.

This poster helps you to know how many squares a fat quarter can make. It is so helpful if you need to know how much yardage you need if you know the number of inches. For those of you that feel a bit intimidated about color, this is a great way to help you quickly and easily find the colors you should look for to complete your blocks.

Laminate this poster and keep it handy, I promise you will come back to this more times than you know. Don’t forget, you can even quickly find the size of the next quilt you might want to make – be it a crib quilt, twin to king size or any size in between. Just sign up using the form below, and the Poster will be emailed to you right away! Happy Quilting!

~ Eileen Thomas, the Quiltist


Another Great Tool For You Below.

Using the color wheel is great to help you with your quilt color choices, but what really cemented the information was when I created a color wheel from fabric that I own. So I set about creating a color wheel you can create for yourself, PLUS there is a ton more information on color theory that you will find useful. I created this and am offering it to you at the great price of only $4.99. You will be able to download it right away and start creating your personal color wheel.

Do It Yourself Color Wheel

Quilt-Poster-Blur2This tool is the companion product to my Quilt Poster. This Make Your Own Color Wheel provides more information for working with colors, tips, hints, etc. plus you will be able to add colors from your own "fabric resource center" to personalize it just for you. Have fun creating YOUR color wheel. More Info »
Price: $4.99

Once you have ordered your Free Quilting Poster, it’s time to take a look at all of the information that is available to you on this site.  You will find patterns, great tips for beginners and seasoned quilters, and information on “How to Finish a Quilt Without Fear and Embarrassment”, a course I created to take you through the entire process of completing your quilt.

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